Warm Water Systems

A warm water system is designed to deliver hot water at no more than 50 degrees at each outlet point. Eliminating the need for tempering valves. For safety, certain facilities (hospitals, hotels, child and aged care facilities) must use Warm Water Systems.

This is a very cost effective and safe system, that has prevented many scalding incidents and injuries where vulnerable people use the facilities. As this replaces the need for individual tempering valves the need for service is increased as ALL water will flow through the warm water system increase debris in strainers, which will result in lower hot water temperatures. Cervas will assist you with an expert and helpful assessment to allow you to make an informed decision.

We can also assist you with any issues with tempering valves. This is the valve which reduces the temperature of the hot water to below 50 degrees.

Maintenance services

These services vary depending on manufactures requirements.