Hot Water / Boilers

For a Strata or Commercial Manager, lack of hot water is an urgent issue to correct. Our trucks carry many parts and this saves you down-time in ordering and acquiring parts after initial call-out which means less expense.

By having an integrated service you will not be told you need to call a different technician due to it being another type of issue than was at first thought, saving you both time and money.

Our highly experienced licensed technicians can repair, service or overhaul your commercial air conditioning units, saving on energy costs and preventing failure under extreme circumstances.

Gas Fired Ray Pak

We are fully qualified and should you need a service or maintenance call, an urgent repair, our decades of experience means a fast and stress free response to your issue. We will explain the factors and advise the best and most cost-effective solution for your situation.


A key area in a strata building. We can assess the problem rapidly after arrival to the premises, and often repair in the same call-out with the extensive inventory we carry in the truck. You will be informed as to the issue, and understanding that will assist you in communicating the matter and the resolution to others, clearly and concisely thus reassuring those affected of a swift resolution.

Maintenance services

Isolate gas, electricity and water as required.

Remove access covers and doors.

Remove burner assembly and service burner jets.

Check and clean tube bundle.

Check heater for water leaks.

Remove pilot light from burner and service.

Check fire tiles damage while burner removed.

Check unit for corrosion.

Clean unit internally and externally.

Refit burner assembly.

Refit access covers and doors.

Check unit for gas leaks.

Check operation of pressure relief valve.

Test electrical safety circuit, and inspect for hot joins.