Mechanical Ventilation

We install, service and repair all types of mechanical ventilation units including car park exhaust systems, toilet fans, car park air supply fans/fresh air fans, plant room ventilation, toilet & kitchen exhaust fans - to name a few. If you have an issue with mechanical ventilation, simply call us and we can advise your best options.

Maintenance services


  • Manually test each section of the plant to ascertain it is functioning correctly.
  • Check all anti-vibration supports for deterioration and for freedom movement.
  • Inspect for any foreign noises, water or oil leaks.
  • Report any sign of deterioration for immediate or future attention.


  • Check fan rotation and balance.
  • Check set collars and any unusual wear of bearings.
  • Check curves of fan blades for debris and clean if necessary.
  • Inspect flexible connections.
  • Check and lubricate all bearings where required.


  • Check temperature of motors.
  • Check for excessive endplay.
  • Check voltage and running current.
  • Check motor frames and air passages.
  • Check and lubricate bearings where required.
  • Check motor coupling and rubber isolators.
  • Check for undue noise.


  • Check operation of remote controls and or thermostats/wall controllers.
  • Check operation of relays, circuit breakers, contacts and overloads.
  • Check operation of all time delay relays.
  • Check for any burn’t wiring and hot connections.