Cervas specialises in all types of pump upkeep and repairs including subsoil pumps, sewerage pumps, cold water pumps, pool and spa heating pumps (both gas powered and electric), rainwater pumps as well as car wash bay pumps and any type of pump used in a strata situation, thereby assisting in maintaining a clean, safe and environmentally compliant facility.

Commercial pumps are another area of specialised knowledge. Industrial sites and submersible pumps, water, car wash bay pumps, sewage and booster pump failure can be very costly. We understand the need for minimun down-time and can respond to get you going promptly.

Zenit, Lowara, Grundfos are just some of the pump brands we can help you with.

Maintenance services

Check motor current draw.

Inspect control panel for electrical hot joins and wear on contact points.

Check for water leaks at wet end of pump.

Inspect condition of seals and lubricate as required.

Check condition of mechanical seals where applicable.

Test and check pump bearings for noise and end play.

Remove impeller covers and clean impeller chambers.

Clean water strainers.

Check condition and operation of capacitors.

Inspect and test float switches for high and low water settings.

Inspect and test alarm float switch.

Inspect and service connections and electrical relays and associated controls.

Check tightness of all electrical terminals and tighten as required.

Test operation of non return valves.

Inspect pit for cleanliness and report.

Check direction and operation of pump.