UV Sterilisation

Cervas installs, maintains and repairs these vital installations whether they are used for UV water disinfection in high level pure water processes or other applications, such as at wastewater treatment plants.

With no micro-organism that is known to be immune to UV including the chlorine resistant Giardia and Cryptosporidium this service repair and maintenance could be life-saving and is vital.

Both economical and efficient, UV water disinfection being chemical free, has no taste and does not encourage corrosion. This is one of our most critical responsibilities for quality control and integrity of our work. You can be confident using Cervas for repair and maintenance of your UV water disinfection facility.

Maintenance services

Remove the UV lamp from the reactor.

Remove the sealing nut from the quartz thimble.

Remove the quartz thimble from the reactor chamber and clean using an acid/water solution.

Refit quartz thimble into the reactor chamber.

Lubricate o'ring and refit locking nut.

Remove and replace lamp, thimble and o'ring (to be performed once per year).